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1. Head on over to the Merch Page and pick out a tee. If you'd like to submit a story as well, please fill out the sign-up form at the time of your purchase.

2. If it's a tee-only purchase, enjoy. And thanks! If you'll be submitting a story along with your purchase, and it does meet the criteria outlined below, I'll confirm with you by email that you're in the running.

3. Keep your eye on the orange countdown ball on the Merch Page, when it hits "12" tee's sold, I'll post the randomly selected story on the Home Page.

Good luck. And as always, keep up the good work.


​In addition to providing the required information on the sign-up form, describe what you're currently working on and how long you've been at it. Share some of the tougher choices, decisions, and sacrifices you've had to make, as well as any day-to-day challenges.

As best you can, describe how you feel about what you've accomplished thus far. 

​And lastly, identify what if anything you're currently struggling with, what would help ease that struggle, help overcome that obstacle, or in some small way simply make your day.

Also, if you'd like to submit a story on behalf of someone other than yourself, awesome, I'll trust you to do your best to articulate the particulars. Just keep in mind that while the story you submit should be candid and compelling it must also be truthful and accurate. Never embellish or fabricate a story as this could result in immediate and permanent disqualification.

That's pretty much it.

Sound like a plan? Cool. Just a few more things...


To take part in the action you must be19 years of age or older. If you submit a story on behalf of someone else they too must be a minimum of 19 years of age. US residents only. Submissions must be written in English.

All participants must be actively working at their chosen endeavor and have been doing so on a consistent basis for a  minimum of 6 months.

When your story is received it'll be assigned a numbered ticket. That ticket will then be placed into a brown paper lunch bag along with the others. Primitive I know, but functional. Once we hit 12 tee's sold a ticket will be randomly selected by hand from the well-shaken paper bag, at which point the story will be posted for all to enjoy on

Once the selected story is posted a $100 gift card will be promptly sent to the name provided on the sign-up form via... 

As stated, the inaugural round will commence once 12 tee's have been sold. Thereafter a round will take place every 30 days, or when 12 tee's have been sold. In other words, if 5 tee's are sold in a 30 day period we would need to extend that round until the12 tee minimum is met. If on the other hand 50 tee's are sold within a 30 day period a $250 gift card will be issued for that round (50 tee's @ $5). If 100 tee's are sold within a 30 day period it would garner a $500 gift card (100 tee's @ $5). And so on and so forth. 

Each round, after one story/ticket is randomly selected from the bag, one "new" story/ticket will be tossed into the bag along with the remaining eleven, bringing the total stories/tickets back up to 12. Each new story/ticket will be added based solely on the order it was originally received. The minimum number of stories/tickets required to initiate a round is 1. The maximum number of stories/tickets in the bag at any given time will be 12.

In the event that we receive a high volume of stories I will contact you via email if and when your story/ticket is "in the bag." 

No cash will be offered. No prepaid Visa or other similar type credit cards will be issued. Amazon is not an option.

Only gift cards will be issued and they will be exclusively for vendors noted on your entry form, which must be specific to the needs and/or wishes expressed in your story.

For example: if you're thing is running and you're in need of a new pair of running shoes you might list a sporting goods store in your area. If you've been honing your woodworking skills and could use a palm router for your next project you might list a local hardware store or home center. 

If you're simply hankering for something that'll "make your day," how about a night out at a nearby eatery? After all, you've earned it. Right?

Note: By choosing to participate in the activities outlined above we must ask you your name and e-mail address. This allows us the means to notify you if needed. By participating you consent to the collection and use of this information by

And no, we never ever sell, trade, or rent your personal information. 

If deemed necessary reserves the right to refuse any and all submissions.

Q & A

How often may I participate? If you've already submitted a story that hasn't yet been posted you needn't re-submit. Once your story/ticket has been randomly selected, posted, and you've received your gift card your story is no longer eligible, so you may submit again anytime thereafter.

For additional questions, concerns or suggestions, please contact me anytime via the Contact Page


A Dozen Tee's. A Hundred Bucks. Here's How It Works.

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