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1. In 200 words or less, describe what you're currently working on and how long you've been at it. Share some of the tougher choices, decisions, and sacrifices you've had to make, as well as any day-to-day challenges.

2. Describe how you feel about what you've accomplished thus far. 

​3. Identify what if anything you're currently struggling with, what would help ease that struggle, help overcome that obstacle, or in some small way simply make your day.


4. Please remember the vendor(s) listed below must be specific to your story's needs and wishes.

5. If you're submitting a story on behalf of someone other than yourself please fill out both Entrant's and Submitter's info on the sign-up form. 

6. By clicking Send (I the submitter) acknowledge I have read and agree to the Submission Guidelines / Rules and Regs, Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy posted on this site.

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