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I went into the bookstore and asked the woman, "Where's the self-  help section?" She said if she told me it would defeat the purpose.                                                                         -George Carlin

Hello again, it's me Pat, y'know the full time trucker by trade and big time dreamer at heart. Well, at the risk of coming across like some hapless victim I just want you to know that while trucking has proven to be a rock solid provider for me and my family over the past 30 plus years it's hardly what I would call livin' the dream.


Nope, that distinguished honor belongs to a roster of other longstanding aspirations, most notably drummer extraordinaire and AMA motocross champion. 


In the end however it just wasn’t meant to be. But not so much for lack of talent. Sure I might not be the most gifted guy in the world but like most I too have been favored with my share of natural abilities.

Passion and desire? Check.

So what then? What inherent flaw has denied this promising So Cal native his due all these years? 

In a word…consistency.

Or if you like, commitment, diligence, discipline. 

Pick a noun, the point is for the better part of my life I’ve dabbled and dawdled, I’ve toyed with and I’ve fiddled with, yet unlike those who by way of both passion and persistence have racked up some pretty impressive achievements, I, despite my many well-intended efforts, hadn't once managed to remain dutifully devoted to any one thing over a prolonged period of time. Not until those four and a half years I spoke about in the opener.

Now granted, I may not be livin' the dream, and while this four and a half year feat might not sound like all that much to some, to this hardened star-gazer it proved nothing short of a monumental triumph.

One that felt effing amazing.

Utterly bowled over by my newfound discovery I began to take a developing interest in self-help, if for no other reason than to see what the so-called experts had to say. And while I'll openly admit that much of what I'd found carried a good deal of weight, what stood out for me in this virtual sea of sage advice was this bit of insight from none other than the legendary Mr. Jim Rohn, who said, “The greatest accomplishment is the feeling.” 

And that's when it hit me.

That's when I thought wouldn't it be great if along with today's ever-expanding surplus of self-help information there was some sort of celebration.

In other words, instead of more “how-to,” how about a tribute to? A tribute to, yep, you guessed it, the feeling. That undeniable, indescribable, awe-inspiring feeling that you get―that you can only get―from working diligently at that which you genuinely enjoy. 

"Blessed is he who has found his work," wrote Thomas Carlyle, "let him ask for no other blessing."


Here's to you and yours. Keeep It Up!


Ever marvel at how some people do what they do?

Ever wonder what it is they know that you don’t?

if so, check out this ebook, you’ll be surprised at just how much you do know, amazed at what you can accomplish by doing it, and movingly reminded of all you’ll miss out on …if you don’t.


It’s yours.

It’s free.

It’s my pleasure,


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