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Everyday as they say is a new beginning, a fresh start, and that it is. Yet it’s also an opportune time to continue doing what you were doing the day before; to acquire a little bit more knowledge, to gain a little bit more experience, and to build a little bit more confidence.

In a nutshell, everyday is a great way to get a little bit better.

Earnest refers to genuine and sincere. Passion, as you may know has long been a popular buzzword within the Self-Help industry, and if you’ve got it, hey, consider yourself one of the lucky ones. Nevertheless, while a burning desire may very well give you the upper hand when it comes to your chosen endeavor, the practical reality is it's still going to take some time and effort, and if you’re genuinely prepared to put in that time, if your efforts are indeed sincere, then you've got all you need to start doing something truly amazing.

Effort: the undeniable indisputable plow horse of personal growth and achievement. A no ifs, ands, or buts fundamental in your ongoing quest for a more rewarding way of life. Unfortunately this age old virtue seems to have fallen out of favor, giving way to an ever-increasing infatuation for half-hearted results that are, "quick and easy." Needless to say this is a real shame. Because if there’s one thing that becomes redundantly clear as you chip away at your chosen endeavor, it’s that it’s not the results of your efforts that prove most rewarding, it’s your commitment to them.

In the end, Everyday Earnest Effort, aka 3E, is about much more than quote/unquote, “getting to the good stuff,” it is the good stuff, because together, it harmoniously puts into play the compelling powers of momentum. Which by definition, is the driving and/or motivating force of a moving object.

Me, I simply call it a feeling. One I'm absolutely certain…will move you.


Ever marvel at how some people do what they do?

Ever wonder what it is they know that you don’t?

If so, check out this ebook, you’ll be surprised at just

how much you do know, amazed at what you can accomplish

by doing it, and movingly reminded of all you’ll miss out on…

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Simply sign up below and it's yours. And rest assured,

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got better sh** to do.

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